About Me

Welcome to the Body Gut Mind blog. My name is Celia Seguí Pérez and I am the main author.

I consider myself a passionate microbiologist with a strong interest in the world of probiotics, microbiota and gut health!

My interests in these topics began when I started getting regular throat infections during my Bachelor of Microbiology in Barcelona. This, of course, led to the frequent consumption of antibiotics and caused me several gut problems such as diarrhea, bloating, indigestion and abdominal pain. I knew I had to keep taking them because else, the infections would not go away.

Over the time, I paid more attention to my symptoms and did some research to try to solve the issues by myself. It was then when I discovered the promising world of probiotics. I suspected my symptoms were related to an imbalanced microbiota. From that moment, I focused a big part of my free time in reading and documenting myself about it, eventually healing my gut.

All this research got me fascinated about gut health. This is when I decided I wanted to focus my career in this field and started taking steps towards it. As you are reading this, I successfully graduated a bachelor in microbiology at the UAB in Barcelona and the Master program, Infection and Immunity, in the Netherlands. Currently I am well on my way in pursuing a PhD in the field of human microbiota.

My motivation to starting and maintaining this Body Gut Mind blog comes from my above mentioned passion in gut health and the drive to share what I have learned. All for others to benefit from and to be of help in the process to heal your gut.